ShantiKuteer Ashram

Established by Shree Samarth Sadguru Ganapatrao Maharaj, Shantikuteer is located around 25 Kms from Bijapur, Karnataka off NH13 towards Solapur.

About Ashram

Shree Samarth Sadguru Ganapatrao Maharaj founded the hermitage, “Shanti Kuteer” in the peaceful surroundings near the village, Kannur in 1961. It has gradually grown to the present grand structure of having over 100 rooms for accommodation of the disciples. “Shanti Kuteer” now boasts of a temple in honour of Shree Dattatreya, a carved beautiful image of Goddess Saraswati with a inscription “lead us to light from darkness”, colored paintings of Saints and prophets.  The Bhakta Niwas on the main gate on which there are pictures of Lord Ganesh and the main arch on one side of which is carved the Geeta message by Lord Krishna to Arjuna, and on the other, Lord Shiva preaching Parvati, the Guru Geeta.

There is also a big reservoir of water on which is the idol of meditating Lord Shiva. All these attract the minds of visitors. There is a big hall that can accommodate nearly 2000 people this is especially useful during the Saptahs (spiritual seminars).  A kitchen and a dining hall that can seat 600-700 people at a single time.

Disciples in Karnataka and Maharashtra visit ashram frequently. Three Saptah’s mainly Ramanavami / chaitra saptah, Ganesh Chaturthi / Sadguru’s janmotsav saptah and Datta Jayanti Saptah. Disciples also gather during Guru Poornima to do Guru vandana.

Important Places at Shantikuteer and Around

At Shantikuteer one must explore following places

  • Shree Sadguru Ganapatrao Maharaj Samadhi
  • Sanskar Bhoomi where Maharaj was cremated
  • Saraswati Mata (Maharaj’s Mother) and Subbakka Mata (Maharajs Paternal Aunt) Samadhi
  • Maharaj’s Birth place in Kannur village
  • Maharaj’s Bhakta Nivas Room, where he spent most of his life
  • Go-Shala, housing for cows and calves

More Ashrams of Shantikuteer Sampradaya

Disciples have built quite a few Ashrams that extend Shantikuteer Sampradaya / Tradition

  • Anand Kuteer Bhandar Kavathe Near Solapur
  • Bhakti Kuteer Arjanal
  • Jnana Kuteer Kakamari
  • Vedant Kuteer Bardol
  • Prem Kuteer Madura, Sawantwadi
  • Sewa Kuteer Adle Budruk Near Pune.

Near to Shantikuteer Kannur, one must visit following places

  • Inchageri Mutt at a distance of 15Kms
  • Shree Gurudev Ranade Mutt at Nimbal
  • Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj Sadhana place at Basavana Bagewadi at about 50Kms from Kannur.
  • Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj Mutt at Umadi at about 40 Kms from Kannur

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