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A comprehensive guide on how to reach Shantikuteer from multiple sources

How to Reach Shantikuteer Kannur

Shantikuteer Ashram, which was established by Shree Samarth Sadguru Ganapatrao Maharaj is located around 25 Kms from Bijapur Karnataka off NH13 towards Solapur.

The nearest airport to Kannur are Hubli and Belgaum airports, located 220Kms and 250Kms respectively.

Nearest Railway Stations are Bijapur(25Kms) and Solapur(78Kms).

From Bijapur

Route Departure

Bijapur to Solapur Via Chadchan 06:15 AM

Bijapur Chadchan 7.30 AM

Bijapur to Surumuttin Tanda 08:00 AM

Bijapur to Kannur Darga 08:30 AM

Bijapur to Chadchan Via- Inchageri 10:15 AM

Bijapur to Satalgaon 13:00 PM

Bijapur Chadchan 1.30 PM

Bijapur to Surumuttin Tanda 14:30 PM

Bijapur to Pandharapur Via Chadchan 15:30 PM

Bijapur to Kannur Darga 16:00 PM

Bijapur to Holisankh 17:30 PM

Bijapur Soormuttin Tanda 18.30 PM

Bijapur to Girgaon 19:30 PM

From Solapur 

A bus plies between Solapur to Bijapur Via Chadchan departing at 0400 AM, in addition one can reach Kannur from Pandharpur to Bijapur bus via Chadchan departing at 06:00 AM.

If you didnt find the information here on reaching Shantikuteer you may please call 08352-234549, we will help you reach us.

Driving Direction

From Bijapur towards Solapur, Join highway NH13, drive down 21Kms and look for Tidgundi Village, Find a arc welcoming to Shantikuteer on left, take a left turn inside , drive stright towards Kannur village for about 5 Kms, on the left side find Shantikuteer entrance.

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