School Adoption

Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe is engaged in this way by adopting 11 schools located in the districts of Bijapur and Indi.

The school adoption program is an opportunity to sow the seeds of spiritual messages and values right from childhood. One key point to note here is that this program becomes successful due to the cooperation of both the government and the public.

At the schools that have been adopted, our karyakartha‘s teach children prayers, bhajans, meditation, etc. They develop contacts with the villagers i.e. parents and guardians of the school children and conduct Satsangs. Also influencing the teachers to take part and co-operate in these programs and activities.

Objectives of School Adoption Program

Illuminate the point that it is necessary to provide training right from childhood in order to ensure that today’s children become tomorrow’s able and responsible citizens.
Perform the task of igniting the minds of children by conducting workshops involving physical, educational and cultural activities, during school vacations.

Attempt is being made through extra-curricular activities to instill awareness of morals, the importance of character, necessity of obedience to teachers and elders, necessity of setting high goals and objectives in life etc.