Ashta Sutra

Eight Pledges of Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe defined by Maharaj for Individual Upliftment and Progress in Spiritual World


 a) I will not consume any addictive and intoxicative things like alcohol, drugs, tobacco products and the like.

b) I will not indulge in gambling of any form like playing cards with money, going to casinos and the like.

c) I will engage in physical exercise for good health and attend SASTANG and other spiritual programs for the good of my mental health.


I will not commit adultery, nor see unethical films, nor read such publications.


I will follow the rule ‘simple living high thinking’. I will carry out my duty in public or private service faithfully and sincerely. I will not seek bribe nor do injustice to anyone, but will work honestly.


I will buy and use only those articles manufactured in our country.


I will keep a harmonious attitude towards fellow beings. I will speak, interact, and behave respectfully towards others.  I will keep an inclusive attitude towards others and be non-violent in my behavior.


I will devote one day in a week for discussion with the fellow beings about improvement of the environment. I will participate sincerely in any program decided upon for the upliftment of the country.


I will carry out any task assigned to me with an attitude of service, without any selfish motive. I will not wish to gain something in the task nor will I try to establish my authority or have any such selfish motives.


I will carry out everyday for at least two hours, spiritual efforts like Sadhana which uplift my life.

Sadguru Quotes: Joy ! Joy everywhere !! Supreme Joy!!! Be rooted in this joy always!!