Datta Jayanti Saptah

2019 Event Date : 9th December (Monday) till Wednesday 11th December.

Datta Jayanti Saptah is celebrated from margashirshya shuddha trayodashi till datta jayanti. It was started after the Datta temple was constructed at Shanti Kuteer in 1984.

Lord Dattatraya is  the incarnation of the trimurtis, Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Dattatraya was the first Nath Master, the greatness of the Nath tradition lies in destruction of our ignorance and enabling us to realize the self. Avadhoot Gita is a great book on preachings by Dattatraya.

In Shantikuteer the 3 day Datta Jayanti is a prominent Spiritual Festival. Discourses take place during the saptah by knowledged people within Shri Maharajs disciples on the subjects of Avadhoot Gita, Guru Geeta, Yog Vashishta etc.

Important Meanings Related to Lord Dattatraya

Datta means experiencing ‘I am the soul’. We all can do our daily essentials like walk, talk, and breathe only because of the soul within us. This indicates presence of God / Chaitanya  in us. We cannot exist without the soul. Once we realize this, we will be able to behave with everyone lovingly. Let us make efforts to achieve this on Datta Jayanti.
Lord Datta is also called Avadhūt, which means the One Who destroys ego in us and gets us from darkness to light. On Datta Jayanti disciples pray – ‘O Dattatreya, please give me strength and intellect to destroy the ego.’
Another name of Deity Datta is Digamabar, which means, The One Who is all pervading. It means He is everywhere. In comparison, we are no one to boast off. Let us pray – ‘O Dattatreya, please teach us how to surrender ourselves.’

Sadguru Quotes : Its essential to serve the Guru Sincerely.