Shantikuteer Mobile Application

Shantikuteer Android App is a handy digital source for all the information related to Shantikuteer. Many disciples found it useful to have a single resource for all resources that helps them in every day sadhana and routine.

Brief information related to shantikuteer can be found for reading.
It lists upcoming events for the calendar year.
Bhajans and Aaratis for 4 time can be played and listened into
Sulabh Atmajnana Audio Chapters can be played.
Nitya Sadguru Vani presents Audio discourses / Pravachans of Shree Maharaj.
Photo Gallery of Saptah and Maharaj Pictures can be viewed and downloaded from App.
Kannada Anubhav Pada and Marathi Devotional song library is also available from App.Kannada Pravachans and discourses can be played.
Name and contact numbers of Satang actvities across Karnataka and Maharashtra can be accessed.
Map and driving directions to Shantikuteer can be accessed with google maps.

Sadguru Quotes : We are all attacked and caught by a dark, black devil called ignorance.