Dindi Yatre

A way to spread the messages of Bharatiya Surajya Samstha in every village visited, through different cultural programs and discourses.

Shree S. S. Maharaj believed that the purpose of  Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe would be fulfilled only if its message reaches each and every village. Hence he started the scheme called ‘Dindi walks’ held during the Chaitra Saptah (March-April timeframe), in which he instructed the devotees to come to Kannur on foot and along the way, spread the key messages of Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe in each village viz. morality, devotion, swadeshi (use of indigenous products only) and the ‘Ideal village’. Chaitra Saptah is the time when the villagers have free time as they are typically at the end of the agricultural season. For this reason, this time was chosen for the Dindi Yatra and Saptah.

History of Dindi Utsav

The undertaking of Dindi trips started in 1993 by the devotees of Arjanal, but over the years was adopted by people other villages also. There are currently atleast 6 Dindi troupes coming, with at least 4 coming from various districts within the state of Karnataka and the other troupes coming from Maharastra state.

The troupes coming from Maharastra state

Arjanal, Indi Taluq, Bijapur district
Bijapur city
Kakamari-Ramtirth, Athani Taluq, Belgaum
Bammana Halli, Sindagi Taluq, Bijapur District
Baarshi, Solapur District
Gothewadi, Mohol Taluq, Solapur District

Purpose of Dindi Yatre

Dindi trips are undertaken by followers of many other traditions as well. While the purpose of these other Dindi’s is only to perform sadhana through devotion (Bhakti Sadhana), the uniqueness of the Shanti Kuteer tradition lies in the fact that the Dindi’s have dual-purpose, that of spreading the need for changes in the daily life of the villagers, in addition to Bhakti Sadhana. Every troupe traveling to Kannur carries a palanquin carrying photographs of Gurus of the Nimbargi tradition, shouting chanting along the way, and performing Bhajans/Arati/Meditation wherever they make intermediate stops along the way.

Hundreds of devotees take part in a yearly custom where the devotees walk on foot from their respective home towns all the way to Kannur the place of their Guru. Teams of devotees from different Districts and states of India take part in the so-called ‘Dindi’ walk every year starting from Ugadi and ending on the day of the Ram-Navmi festival. The organizers of each Dindi have been instructed to keep in constant contact with the villages visited and help with carrying out the required activities and provide guidance.

These programs are so powerful in effecting change in people that, there are examples of villagers who stood up during the session and announced in public that they will abandon their vices henceforth. An organization such as Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe is required to remain active at all times. Its activities should expand continuously. In addition to volunteers who can implement the planned activities, this also requires people who can organize and provide leadership. The Dindi trips are undoubtedly of great importance in this direction.

Sadguru Quotes : He who keeps discretion active in his behavior will be successful in everything he does.