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Sulabha Atmajnana is the one of the greatest books on self realization. The book penned by Shree Ganapatrao Maharaj is the crown jewel among his works and talks about the truth and reality of life and how to perform Sadhana with ease.The book is available is 5 languages Kannada, Marathi, Hindi and English. While English translated version is titled as “Easy Steps to Self Realization” and “Flight to Self Realization”,  rest language books are titled as “Sulabh AtmaJnana”. Some section of the Marathi book is available in audio cd format as well. Recently the book was translated to French. This year during 2019 Ganesh Chaturthi Saptah Gujarati Edition of translated book is available as E-Book and Kindle versions.

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Sadguru Quotes: Carry out the tasks on the base of your natural state.