Shree Siddhrameshwar Maharaj

Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj (1888–1936), was instrumental in the growth of Inchageri tradition by creating worthy disciples.

Spiritual Beginning 

Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj was a spiritual guru in the Inchagiri Sampradaya founded by his guru Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj, which is a branch of the Navnath Sampradaya the ‘Nine Masters’ tradition in India.

Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj was born in 1888 in the village called Pathri near Solapur. Since his childhood he was very intelligent and had very sharp knowledge on understanding ones self. In 190 he was initiated by his guru ‘Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj’ in Inchagiri in Karnataka India, who taught mantra meditation as the way to reach ultimate relization. He was one of the contemporaries of Shree Ramana Maharshi.

Becoming disciple of Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj

At the age of 16, even though he was too young to work, he took up a job of an accountant in a Marwadi firm at Bijapur. He did his work with earnestness and settled down in Bijapur. Here he met his Master Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj, who has built a monastery in the small village called Inchageri in Karnataka State of India. Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj established that mutt in the year 1885.

As a disciple, shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj was always very straight forward and spoke with thoughtful ideas with his master Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj. His master in turnhad his answers to every question with full explanations. The main aim or goal of Inchageri Sampradaya way of teaching meditation was to attain Final Reality. The meditation method was known as Pipilika Marg or the ant’s way, a slow process of attaining Final Reality.

Preaching By Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj, after passing away of his Master Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj in the year 1914, was meditating based on the teachings of his Master.

He preached to his listeners in a very simple, layman and sane language, by giving anecdotes, examples from daily life. He was of the opinion that Paramarth (supreme meaning of life) which is understanding of Final Reality of ones self should be taught in a very simple language without using complex or imaginary words. In order to make people understand the Ultimate Reality, he did constant travel preaching principles of Vihangam Marg to attain Moksha from year 1925 to 1936.

He passed away in his 48th year in 1936.

Shree Siddhrameshwar Maharaj Quotes

His Known disciples

Shree Ganapatrao Maharaj – Shantikuteer Kannur
Shree S S Dandopant Maharaj – Solapur
Shree Ranjit Maharaj-  Mumbai
Shree Balkrishna Maharaj Nashik
Shree Gurupadeshwar Maharaj Basavan Bagewadi
Shree Nirbhidanand Maharaj Khopoli
Shree Nisargdatta Maharaj Mumbai
Shree Sadanand Maharaj Amdoshi
Shree Dattatray Poredi Maharaj Solapur
Shree Ranchoddas Maharaj Karwar
Shree S S Kadsiddheshwar Maharaj Siddhagiri
Shree Vilasanand (Datta) Maharaj Agra

Important Books by Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Atmadnanachi Jnanachi Gurukilli – Master Key to Self-Realization
Amruta Laya

Sadguru Quotes: If you go beyond the source you will find that there exists nothing.