Dasha Sutri

Nitya Pathaniya Dashasutri

Nitya Pathania ‘Dashasutri’ have been encapsulated by Shri Samarth Sadguru Ganapatrao Maharaj Kannur during his final days, and he selected these 10 slokas from various scriptures like Shrimad Dasbodh, Shri Tembe Swami Rachit Shlokdhara and Shri Kabirdas Doha. These 10 slokas are of great importance, considering the philosophy of non-duality,the Advaita tatva. During the entire lifespan of Shri Maharaj, he propagated the principles of Advaita and these 10 shlokas are of profound importance considering the the BrahmaTatva and Aatma Abhyas – the oneness of universe. Amongst these, seven have been taken from Shrimad Dasbodh, one from the scriptures of Shri Tembe Swami. Shri samartha Sadguru Maharaj has directed his disciples to recite these 10 slokas everyday, every time before they read Shrimad Dasbodh or Sulabha Aatmadnyana.

The greatness of all these 10 shlokas can be attributed to their direct implications of the Brahma tattva, these slokas explain in detail the nature of the Brahma and the Atman (you yourself) they propound and consolidate the oneness of Brahman and the Jiva. These ‘Dashasutri’ are of great importance to the Sadhakas, the disciples of Shri Sadguru Maharaj and the followers of ShantiKuteer Samprdaya. These Dashasutris have been further elucidated in Kannada and Marathi by our Senior Guru Bandhu late Shri. Dr. Vasantrao Dani and late Shri. Dr. Dattatraya Phadnavis. Where they have elaborated the meaning of each of the Darshasutri lucidly , in very simple language easy to understand. This book which is compilation of the Dashasutri and their elaboration is of great value to all the perspectives of Advaita philosophy.

The EBook is available in Kannada and Marathi and is available free for readers.

Sadguru Quotes: Carry out the tasks on the base of your natural state.