Successful Life Ebook

Successful Life EBook

Shri Sadguru Ganapatrao Maharaj ji has written a treatise called “Yashaswi Jeevana” in Kannada. It is immensely popular and widely-read and has seen eight reprints! This text helps hone one’s power of discrimination needed for understanding the more subtle and deeper concepts HE has elucidated in HIS other works. It touches upon each and every facet of every-day life, and hence it is like a shining beacon to the young andnot-so-young aspirants struggling through life.

This translation is mainly for our younger generation which is intelligent and smart, but is not comfortable reading Kannada and Marathi prose. This gives them such practical and useful tips for interaction in day-to-day life that they will be eager to follow them and put them into practice straight away! This work is also intended for those who are not widely exposed to Maharajji’s teachings.

The Book is available in E-book format and is available free for readers.

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Sadguru Quotes: Carry out the tasks on the base of your natural state.