The ‘God’ that Krishna worshipped

Once, when sage Narada visited Lord Krishna’s palace, he was informed that the latter was busy in worship. This surprised Narada greatly. “What God could this God of Gods be worshipping?” Narada wondered.

When Krishna came out after the pooja or daily worship, Narada asked, “What is this, My Lord? Like us, you al犀利士 so worship someone! This means that you too have a God above you! Then what kind of a God are you?”

Krishna smilingly led Rishi Narada to his pooja room. Seeing a big box in the pooja room, Narada wanted to know why the object of worship was kept in a box. Krishna quietly opened the box. Narada was surprised to see another box inside. There were boxes within boxes and finally, in the innermost box, was a small bundle wrapped in silk. Inside was a small box of gold inside which was a pinch of dust.

“What is this My Lord? Is a pinch of dust your God?” Narada exclaimed. Shri Krishna explained: “Narada, sants on whom all my power and greatness depend are my ultimate Gods! In this box, I’ve collected the dust which got stuck to their feet.”

Narada realized the oneness of the sants and the Lord. It is true that sants are forms of the Lord.