Sulabh Atmajnana

About Sulabh AtmaJnana Book

Sulabha Atmajnana is the one of the greatest books on self realization. The book penned by Shree Ganapatrao Maharaj is the crown jewel among his works and talks about the truth and reality of life and how to perform Sadhana with ease.The book is available is 5 languages Kannada, Marathi, Hindi and English. While English translated version is titled as “Easy Steps to Self Realization” and “Flight to Self Realization”,  rest language books are titled as “Sulabh AtmaJnana”. Some section of the Marathi book is available in audio cd format as well. Recently the book was translated to French. This year during 2019 Ganesh Chaturthi Saptah Gujarati Edition of translated book is available as E-Book and Kindle versions.

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Features Of Sulabh Atmajnana

The book is highly readable, written in simple English and very easy to understand.
Simplifies and demystifies the highest knowledge of the self (Advaita) in a way that even a layman can easily understand.
Shatters a number of common misconceptions about self-realization and knowledge of the self.
Extremely practical with many examples of how to apply in day-to-day life in almost immediately, as you read through the chapters.
This was his last work and includes the essence of his 50+ other works.
This book is read year-long by his devotees all over India at Satsangs just as the Bible is read by Christians

Highlights from the foreword by

Swami Jagadatmananda

The author is a well known teacher of Vedanta with high spiritual attainments. He has spoken here with rare conviction and rarer spiritual insights.

In his teens, the author came under the influence of Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj and followed the path shown by him with intense aspiration and rigorous spiritual disciplines for a long time “we may add until the goal was reached”

Highlights from the foreword by Swami Purushottamananda , Ramakrishna Mission Ashram

Those who own this book need not attend discourses
This text is like a unique guidebook to spiritual seekers and aspirants. It is truly a Jnana-Yagna that Shri Kannur Ganapat Maharaj has prepared this book with extreme care and is publishing it. It is like sweet water found suddenly by spiritual seekers who are roaming in the desert of spiritual desire
Deep introspection and thinking runs throughout the text
The chapter easy ways of Sadhana for a beginner in the third division of the book, is sure to prove like a loving mother to sincere sadhakas, who guides them by hand along the road of spiritual sadhana.

Highlights from the foreword by Siddheshwar Swamiji

  1. Shree S. S. Ganapat Rao Maharajji is the great soul who has realized the ultimate Truth. His look exudes love, open, natural behaviour, endearing words, the feeling of oneness with all living beings, the attainment of the highest truth in all its entirety  that constitutes the personality of Shree S. S. Maharaj!

2. The text acts like an illuminating light to enter the hall of Vendantic thoughts     and look around to enjoy the riches abounding there. This is a very great help to all those who want to experience the joy of our own inner kingdom and the empire of the Atman

The book is currently available in 5 languages Kannada, Marathi, Hindi,English, French and now in Gujarati.
English the book is into two parts 1) “Easy Steps to Self Realization” and 2) “Flight to Self Realization”. Please mail on for further details and ordering yourself a copy.

Sadguru Quotes: Carry out the tasks on the base of your natural state.