Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj

Sadguru Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj (1843-1914) was the founder of the Inchegeri Sampradaya

Spiritual Beginning

Sadguru Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj was Born in Umdi (Karnataka  State, India) on Ram navami, day in the year 1843. Raghunath Priya Sadhu Maharaj was a devoted disciple of Sadguru Shree Guruling Jangam Maharaj Viz.(Nimbargi Maharaj).

Raghunath Priya maharaj convinced Bhausaheb Maharaj that Bhakti Marg (Spiritual Sadhana.) was the only way to reach God, and took Bhausaheb Maharaj to Nimbargi (Nimbargi is a place where Sadguru Shree Guruling Jangam ie. Nimbargi Maharaj used to stay.) . Nimbargi Maharaj recommended Raghunath priya Maharaj to initiate Bhausaheb Maharaj. Raghuath priya sadhu maharaj agreed and then Initiated Bhausaheb maharaj.

His Love for his Sadguru

Thus, Bhausaheb Maharaj was now a Disciple of Nimbargi Maharaj. He was one of the most beloved disciples of Nimbargi Maharaj. With a Kind heart, this great saint devoted his life to his Sadguru and GOD. His love for his Sadguru Shree Guruling Jangam Maharaj consisted the vastness of the universe. He is known by Last Name Umdikar.

People used to respect Him very much. He encouraged & Practiced nem (Meditation) standing for 18 years without rest in the Jungle. After Shree Nimbargi Maharaj, Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj gave Spiritual Discourses, Initiated many people, decided to spread teachings of Shree Nimbargi Maharaj. His love for his Sadguru was the only virtue in his life. According to some Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj was looked upon as the reincarnation of SantTukaram.

Ants Way vs. Birds Way of Self Discovery

One of the most beloved disciples of Bhausaheb Maharaj  was Sadguru Shree Siddharameshwar Maharaj. Bhausaheb Maharaj’s teachings, and those of his student Shree Gurudeo Ranade, have been called Pipilika Marg or “The Ant’s way”, the way of meditation, while the teachings of his student Siddharameshwar Maharaj, and Siddharameshwar Maharaj’s disciples Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ranjit Maharaj have been called Vihangam Marg, “the Bird’s Way”, the direct path to Self-discovery.

In kannur Shantikuteer Ashram The bhajan’s are performed 4 times a day as pre-set by Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj during his days. Books related to Bhajan’s and Arati’s compiled by Shree Ganpatrao Maharaj “Shree Paramarth Marg Pradeep” And “Sampradayik Bhajan” are available on the website to order.

Shree Bhausaheb Maharaj Quotes

Sadguru Quotes: You will meet God only if you have a very intense desire to meet Him.