Ten Rules for Self Realization


The Sadhaka who can carry out Sadhana without involving the “I” is a true Sadhaka indeed.


When you yourself are Brahman why search elsewhere.


Listen my dear disciple, the essence of all Sadhana: You yourself are Brahman. Don’t have any doubt or illusion about this, it is a fact.


The “I” should be known and then abandoned and the Brahman should be known and one should identify with it.


Thinking of oneself as Brahman with complete faith, one should sit in peace.


Only the one who has experienced that state which vanishes when one tries to remember it and which appears when forgotten. All others are fools going round and round.  The Brahman appears when it is forgotten and vanishes when it is remembered.


First know the Brahman and then be the Brahman.


After knowing and attaining the state of Brahman one should be in that state and should not identify with anything else.


When “I” was there, there was no RAMA (i.e. state of Brahman). Now there is RAMA the “I” is not there.


The Sadhakas should give up all the thoughts and jump in one mighty leap to become one with the self.

Sadguru Quotes: Spiritual science is the science where self is considered to first and foremost.