Surajya Path

Monthly Periodical featuring with updates on Surajya Samsthe activities

Surajya Patha is the fortnightly periodical published by Bharatiya Surajya Samsthe. The four page news paper hilights various actvities, events by Shantikuteer Ashram.The paper is published every 5th and 20th days of a month.Currently Surajya Patha is published in Kannada only, there are plans to resume Marathi Surajya Path Soon.

The paper also features “Anubhava Jnana” articles which were written by Shree Ganpatrao Maharaj Kannur,other sections regularly featured include “Leelakkana Dairy” (leelakka’s diary), where we publish every day notes documented by Mrs. Leela Dani on general happenings in Maharajs every day life and selected communications and interactions of Shree Maharaj did with his friends and disciples on the subject of spirituality and self realization.

Subscription Deatils

Annual Membership 50/-
Lifetime Membership 500/-

Articles and News Submission

Disciples and readers of Surajya Path are requested to send their articles on Shantikuteer Sampradaya or any Satsang activities in their region to the below addresses or write emails to


Shree Appasaheb Sadarjoshi
Devdutt, 8th Cross,
Bhagya Nagar, Belgaum – 590006.

Associate Editor

Shree B R Desai / Shree Arun Dani
2nd Cross, 1St Floor, Besides Ajanta Hotel,
J C Nagar, Hubli – 580020.

Sadguru Quotes : The sadhana needs to be always alert to as he is not dragged in the worldly matters.