Adhyatma Bhandar

Shree Ganapatrao Maharaj had a keen interest as a sadguru, for the upliftment of his disciples. In order to benefit the sadhakas in their sadhana, he kept writing books constantly, and transalted many sampradayic books into kannada and marathi.

Adhyatma Bhandar was established in 1949, and since then, hundreds of books have been published under its umbrella. The books are written in simple and understandable text so that even an ordinary person can gain knowledge out of reading them. These books cut across all religions, cast and creed. They are all based on the principales of Adhyatma and Advaita.

Many disciples have contributed immensely to the growth of Adhyatma Bhandar over the years, with promotions, distribution of books in the stalls and also, financially helping in publishing and printing activities. These books have contributed immensely in enabling many beginners to learn the Bhajans, Aratis, Anubhav padas, from them.

Sulabh Atmajnana which is the greatest work till date, by Shree Maharaj, was first published in 2004. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the last book penned by Him. During his last days, Shree Maharaj invested all his time to bring forth this book for his disciples’ wellbeing. He opined that this book alone was enough to help the seekers of truth, in their self realization process.

Books published by Shree. Maharaj are available at Shantikuteer both for free reading and for purchase. Those can also be obtained from their disciples at various satsang locations in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Efforts are being taken to make the books available on e-commerce market places, and in digital, audio formats.

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